Pick and Pack

We provide pick and pack services for varying product profiles ranging from small to large items for eCommerce retailers. Our pick and pack services make it easy for organizations to offer various products from online stores to customers. Customers appreciate having a wide variety of items from which to choose, and companies often sell more when they offer more.

Our skilled pickers and packers fill orders accurately with items that are in good condition and ensure orders are shipped on time. We improve customer satisfaction by making sure items are handled carefully, are packaged well, and are clearly labeled. We can handle fluctuations in order numbers and manage busy periods like black Fridays, year-end sales, and other sales promotions.

Picking Process

First, orders come in through your order management system. A station of your warehouse houses computer terminals where printers produce lists of customer orders, called pick tickets.

The warehouse manager or another employee may grab the pick tickets and prioritize them based on high-value client that offers a significant volume of business and customers who paid for express delivery. At this stage, the warehouse worker will also review the pick tickets for any special or unusual requirements that need extra attention. For instance, an order may be shipped internationally, which requires extra steps.

Once the orders have been processed, they are passed on to the pick team. Members of the pick team use a pick cart to gather items around the warehouse. The worker scans the pick ticket with a hand-held device, which tells them where each item is located in the facility.

Using a pick cart makes the overall process more efficient. Workers don’t walk back and forth from the storage area to the packing area. Instead, they reduce motion waste by collecting as they go and delivering a large volume of packages at once. This method also protects the health and safety of warehouse workers who don’t have to lift and carry heavy packages across long distances.

Once the worker finds the item, the label on the shelf is scan for the use of inventory management system – an action that automatically updates the inventory records. When the item is placed on the pick rack, the worker scans the barcode on the rack as well to record the temporary holding location for the item. This ensures the warehouse always has visibility over all its items, which is an important way to avoid loss or theft.

Once all the items on the pick list are gathered, the worker moves on to the packing process. The warehouse worker updates the system to record that the items have been successfully picked and they’re ready for packing.

Packing Process

When it’s time for packing, each item is scanned into the system so the warehouse worker can see any other items that should be packed in the same customer order. This way, workers won’t pack and seal an item only to realize later there are three more items being sent to the same customer.

Once the item is entered into the system, a worker selects an appropriate box and scans the box or enters its code into the system. The warehouse management software prints a packing slip and, if the warehouse has a label maker, an address label to be affixed to the box.

Next, orders are shipped out using our partner carriers to deliver the packages. All orders are separated based on carrier and mail status. For instance, Australia post ground items may go on one pallet while expedited DHL packages go on another. At the end of the day, shipping carriers pick up their pallets at the shipping dock.

All orders received before midday will be fulfilled same day. We can also use your branded packaging which will delight your customers for every delivery.